Chuck Berry’s Golden Decade

Chuck Berry’s Golden Decade is a three-volume compilation of music by Chuck Berry, released by individually in 1967, 1973, and 1974. Covering the decade from 1955 to 1964, each volume consists of a two-LP set of 24 songs recorded by Berry. The first volume reached number 72 on Billboard‘s Pop Albums“ chart. The second volume peaked at number 110. The third volume, which included only two hit singles among its tracks, did not chart.

The first two volumes were critically well received. In 1967, Rolling Stone noted that the first volume was „the album you must get“ when „looking for the Chuck Berry standards“. In 1980, the music journalist Robert Christgau included the first and second volumes in his list of essential albums, „A Basic Record Library: The Fifties and Sixties“.

All three volumes are out of print.

All songs written by Chuck Berry.

All songs written by Chuck Berry except where noted.

All songs written by Chuck Berry except where noted.